Wardrobe Inspiration

New season = new wardrobe.

As the temperature is beginning to rise in England (albeit, not today), give your style a revamp with some fresh summer outfit ideas: from bright colours to matching co-ords and denim overload. Here are some warm-weather-ready outfit looks to inspire your summer outfits-of-the-day this season.

One of AW17’s hottest colours will be red. This matching crop top and culotte set looks super chic and summery. Monochromatic outfits create a sleek, streamlined look – a perfect ‘hot’ hue for summertime.

Lace-up details are a highly popular choice this season. This pinstripe, shirt dress combination is the perfect way to take the trend into workwear territory. The corset clinches in at the waist, creating a flattering update to a boxy shirt dress silhouette.

A breezy white midi dress is an elegant alternative to the slip dress trend for occasions that call for a little more sophistication. Add chunky gold hoop earrings and a straw basket bag for a summer-ready, picnic-date-ready look.


Millennial pink is on-trend this spring/summer. This stunning hue acts as the perfect neutral when styled with a blazer – like above – to create a stylish outfit that suits the office to the street.

If you’re all about those sporty vibes, a ribbed light-weight knit dress and trainers will create a chic athletic-inspired outfit. The white striped trim along the neckline and sleeves makes all the difference to transform this black dress from classic to cool.

Bring the ’90s back to life by pairing a bold strappy cami dress over a plain white tee for a bold look. Accessorise with casual canvas-style trainers, a denim jacket tied around the waist, and perhaps a bold lip.

Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are a chic feminine and romantic wardrobe staple this summer. Juxtapose an off-the-shoulder top with distressed denim for a super ‘cool-girl’ street style look, or culottes if you want a more light-weight casual outfit.

A culotte jumpsuit is not only an effortless wardrobe staple, but allows accessories to do the talking. Pair with a bright, bold crossbody or tote bag, and colour-coordinated sandals for a stylish look.

Logo tees are a must-have for your wardrobe this summer. (A popular choice at present is the Topshop £15 ‘Femme Forever’ tee or River Island’s £18 ‘Girl Gang’ tee). Add a stylish patent/leather skirt and you’ll be sure to make heads turn this season.

Replace your usual blazer and trouser look with a co-ord set. Think pink with a two-piece combo, like this bandeau top and wide-leg ruffle trouser look. Alternatively, pair a matching colour-coordinated blazer and shorts with a crisp white shirt or logo tee for a lighter, stylish casual look.

Straw accents – from wide-brim hats to basket bags – make the ultimate neutral summer accessory this season, and will match with pretty much any outfit.

What’s your favourite look?

With love,




It’s come to that time of year where we’re beginning to buy our summer clothes (YAY) and a declutter is much needed. I would say I’m a highly organised person and I like my wardrobe to be the same, so I tend to sort out my wardrobe a minimum of two to three times a year, in order to discard any clothing I don’t wear or don’t like (if my style has evolved) and make way for new season buys. Important as after all, shopping is my favourite hobby.

Here are some of my top tips for decluttering:

When did I wear it last?

This is important. I’ve had a few pieces of clothing stay in my wardrobe for almost 5 years because it fits, but I would never in a million years wear it. What’s the point? It’s taking up valuable space and if it’s not your style anymore, why keep it?

If you wore it a week or month ago, then keep the item. But if not, I think you know the answer… Get rid of anything you have doubts about because if you haven’t worn it in months, realistically when are you going to wear it?

Where will I wear it?

In your wardrobe you need a balance between day-to-day casualwear, workwear and formal occasionwear, but if the clothing doesn’t fit into any of these categories, when will you wear it?

If it does come under one of these categories, how much use do you get out of it on a weekly basis? Does it fit your style? Does it suit your dress code for work/school/college? If you begin to question this, throw it and give it to a charity shop or sell it (e.g. depop) – other people will get more use out of it than you.

Does it still look good?

I am guilty of ignoring this. Sometimes I love items of clothing too much and over-use them, resulting in them going bobbley after a long period of time. I, for one, can hold my hands up and say it’s not a good look – I’ve been there and got the t-shirt. I know how hard it is to part with a piece of clothing you wear consistently, but if it’s lost its shape or colour and looks ‘old’, it’s time to go.

Do I still feel comfortable in it?

Never ever leave the house feeling uncomfortable. It’s a rule.

You won’t feel good or look stylish if you’re worrying about how you look, how the fabric is irritating your skin, or how your feet are hurting in your shoes. Get rid of anything that bothers you in the slightest because you will never feel comfortable if you feel that your clothes are too baggy, too tight or too revealing. It’s time to toss those items aside and shop for some new clothes.

What else does it match?

This is an important one. There’s no point in having clothes sitting in your wardrobe that don’t match with anything else – they’ll never get worn. If the piece of clothing doesn’t match anything, there’s no reason to keep it. You’re not going to change your entire wardrobe just because of one or two items…

If it doesn’t fit, will I tailor it?

If the answer is a “no”, the likelihood is you don’t want it strongly enough to keep it in your wardrobe. If it doesn’t fit you, get rid of it. There’s not much point in keeping something that doesn’t suit you or make you feel comfortable.

Following these simple questions makes it easy to see what you need and what you don’t. It’s surprising how refreshed you feel after a good declutter. You can make room for new clothes that you will wear and can mix and match – that’s the key to a great capsule wardrobe (the same goes for all seasonal wardrobes).

Get your summer wardrobe ready!

With love,



Throwback Thursday: Italy

Approximately a year ago (April 2016 I believe), I went travelling around the south-western coast of Italy with some of my friends as a break from studying for our A-levels. We began our trip on the south-western coast of Sorrento, before moving onto Pompeii and Rome.

Out of all of the cities we travelled to, Rome was my favourite by a long mile. From it’s hustle and bustle to the romantic winding streets with cafes, restaurants and ice-cream parlours, it is a place that I would definitely – without a shadow of a doubt – name as one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. Of course I haven’t been everywhere so don’t take my sole word on it, but it’s a city I would love to travel back to with my boyfriend for our anniversary, one of our birthday’s or Valentine’s day because it’s a special place that is so full of love.

Here are a few of my holiday snaps:

London Heathrow Airport

P.S. Early morning flights are never a good idea…

Sorrento, Italy

Our first stop was Sorrento. Situated on the south-western coast of Italy and facing the Bay of Naples, it was a location perfect for taking in the picturesque views of the coast. We stayed in a small hotel high into the mountains, which I must admit was a nightmare to travel to due to the roads being so unbelievably narrow and busy (I’m pretty sure we had one or two near misses), but it was definitely worth the journey. The views of the sunrise and sunset across the harbour were heavenly.

One of the beautiful sea views a short walk from our hotel
The view from the harbour below our hotel | This was a workout (and a half) to walk back up!

Mount Vesuvius

After a few days of exploring in Sorrento, we grabbed a coach to Mount Vesuvius, located on the Gulf of Naples. This was a place we were all keen on visiting as it a place of historical importance due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius 79AD, which saw the Italian town of Pompeii get buried (and preserved) alive, making it one of the most catastrophic volcanic eruptions in European history. It is estimated to be about 17,000 years old and measures approximately 30 miles around its base and goes as high as 4,203 feet above the sea level.

The (cloudy) view walking up the volcano
The view from the top was priceless
The pit of the volcano, which last erupted in March 1944

Pompeii, Italy

Our next trip was to the site of Pompeii. Once a thriving and sophisticated Roman city, but now an archaeological site located in southern Italy’s Campania region. Pompeii was buried in ash and pumice after the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD, and now the well-preserved site features excavated ruins that visitors can freely explore. This has to be one of the most amazing places I have seen, historically and architecturally, in my 19 years of life.

The streets where once houses stood and families lived
Statues from Ancient Rome
A 3D sculpture in front of the ruins of Ancient Rome
The amazingly preserved Roman ruins in Pompeii

I will never forget this city. It’s amazing how the ruins and bodies of our ancestors are so well preserved, giving us a taste of what life was like for those who lived there thousands of years before us. 

Rome, Italy

Next stop: Rome. 

Rome was by far my favourite city of them all. So beautiful, picturesque with beautiful architecture surrounding us left, right and centre.

When in Rome…
“It’s not a car, it’s a cult!”
The River Tiber, the third longest river in Italy
A restaurant situated on one of the stunning cobbled streets of Rome
These cars were everywhere…
Trevi Fountain, a.k.a Fontana di Trevi | Make a wish!

Vatican City, Rome

The Vatican – home to the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope. I can remember this day so vividly. It is one of the most beautiful places we visited on our trip, in terms of history, art and architecture. The Sistine Chapel, most famous for its ceiling painted by Michelangelo, left me in awe. (I would have taken a picture but sadly you’re not allowed phones or cameras out, but here it is on Google.)

St. Peter’s Basilica
The stairs from the Vatican Museum
300+ steps later… | The view from the top of St. Peter’s Basilica, looking across Vatican City and Rome

The Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum in Rome is an oval amphitheatre sat in the centre of Rome. Built of concrete and sand, it is the largest amphitheatre ever built, holding an estimated 50,000 to 80,000 spectators.

A panoramic view from inside the Colosseum
It’s amazing how large this place is
The view from the exterior

Looking for somewhere to travel to this summer, or for a special occasion? Italy is the place to go ♥

With love,




Let’s be honest, we’d all love to be a little like Alexa Chung.  Smart, stylish and cool. And now that her much-anticipated clothing collection is here, we can.

Her label, AlexaChung, was debuted on Wednesday (31st) at the Danish Church of Saint Katharine in Regent’s Park in a wedding-themed runway. The concept of the wedding theme had come about after Alexa had been joking about marrying herself to this brand. She wanted it to feel “ceremonial”  and “to bring a sense of occasion to the unveiling of the collection”.

With over 150 items, there’s plenty to choose from, from super chic party dresses with Glamour Girl written all over them, to delicate and pretty day pieces, to shoes and even accessories. Thankfully we don’t have to wait too long for the next installment as Alexa claims she will produce 4 in-season collections a year (but only available from select retailers including Style.com, Selfridges, Net-A-Porter, Matches and Mytheresa) – what a time to be alive!

Some of us may have expected to see her infamous, signature Peter Pan collars, but whilst talking to Vogue earlier this year, she said the collection has ‘had to avoid the obvious’. She wanted to create clothing that had a distinct “Alexa” touch, but wasn’t necessarily too predictable, which she certainly has delivered. In a recent interview, Alexa suggested that she would wear “nearly all” of her collection, bar a couple of pieces, giving us an idea of just how stylish her collection is.

“I’m always drawn to traditions, so I wanted the brand to be traditional… But also weird. Unexpected” – Alexa Chung

Harley Viera-Newton, a model and DJ, best known for her work in Vogue and Elle magazines says “one of [Alexa’s] greatest qualities is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously”, and that’s what we see in her debut collection – unique, but stylish – just like Alexa herself.

Take a look at a snippet of the collection:

An Alexa Chung classic: the collared shirt
Dungaree lovin’
Frills and floral are a summery match made in heaven
The trench coat is one of Alexa’s signature looks
Stripes are prevalent throughout the collection
Stripes + denim = retro chic
You can never go wrong with a bit of leather

Prices range from £75 for a T-shirt to £1,350 for a suede jacket, placing her in the ‘luxury’ price bracket, but understandably for the chic styles and air of opulence in her collection. The collection can be found at alexachung.com.

What’s your favourite piece?

With love,



Swimwear Lovin’

Summer clothes are speedily appearing in shops wherever you go. Winter feels like a lifetime ago now that we’re into the full swing of spring, and summer is fast approaching (thank god) and that means shops are out in their forces stocking up with holiday attire, and in particular: bathing suits.

Despite the fact I have no where booked this year, it doesn’t hurt to look and hope. Wherever you go, the holiday section of the vast majority of retail stores sell swimsuits and bikini’s in a multitude of colours and designs to suit your style and body shape. Searching and trying on swimming attire is one of my favourite things to do whilst getting ready for a holiday – perhaps because it hits home that I finally get to escape the unpredictable English weather (a place that still has a sky full of clouds and frequently rains in the summer)…

One particular high street store is ticking all of the boxes this year, and has the approval of a number of Instagram stars and bloggers, and it’s Primark. Some people have a love-hate relationship with Primark, but it’s hard to hate a shop that is so cheap when you’re a student or starting out in the big working world on a few pennies a week! Yes, I will admit that the quality isn’t always on the mark, but how can you complain when you’re buying a dress for £8, or a t-shirt for £4? But their bathing collection is something to snatch up quickly, because I doubt they’re going to be in stock for too long!

Take a look for yourself…

Their collection features this mermaid-style swimsuit that even Ariel would be proud of. The unicorn inflatable (similar to Sarah Ashcroft’s ‘Flowts’ unicorn priced at £89) is also available in store for just £10 | @federica_of_rose
Primark bikini’s are all you need to get heads turning this summer with a large selection of mix and match looks to choose from, like this blue combo worn by UK blogger Charlotte | @ch32 | Top £8 / Bottoms £2
For the ladies that prefer an all-in-one, Primark has a gorgeous selection of chic swimming costumes that will have you looking holiday ready in a matter of seconds. This ‘MERMAID LIFE’ slogan swimsuit is everything our inner girly girl is screaming out for! | @ankatrien
A halter neck bikini top will not only provide you with the ultimate pin-up girl silhouette, but the classic shape will also give you the support you need to feel comfortable whilst sitting poolside or at the beach | @jolielot | Top £3 / Bottoms £3


Here is @jolielot again wearing the ‘MERMAID LIFE’ all-in-one, with a large swan inflatable, also available in Primark stores | Swimsuit £4
This striped nautical number is the perfect piece for your holiday wardrobe. Wear underneath distressed denim shorts and a loose shirt or kimono for a signature city break look | @anouskapb | Inflatable drink float £1
Anouska’s Instagram features another all-in-one swimsuit, with illustrations of all things summer – pineapples, palm trees and exotic birds | @anouskapb | Left swimsuit £10

(Bikini in the cover photo: top £3 / bottoms £3)

What do you think of Primark’s bathing beauties this year?

With love,




Since the beginning of spring, I have vowed to ditch the ever-growing pile of black skinny jeans I tend to live in, and be more adventurous in my trouser buying. From that moment onwards, I’ve been obsessing over trousers, whether they’re straight-legged, mom jeans, frilly, wide-legged or culottes – I want them all.

Since the weather has taken a positive turn in England, my confidence has been heightened and I’ve finally begun to step out of my comfort zone. Despite the fact I adore bright colours and unique prints, I must admit I’m sometimes a little too self-conscious to wear them myself. But now, a love for over-the-top trousers has been born and I’m never going back.

The more ‘out there‘, the better!

Over the last few weeks I have been living day in, day out in my navy blue Zara culottes, which I bought in the sale last year for £4. Bargain, I know! To begin with I didn’t actually think I’d wear them and I bought them simply because they were £4 and I knew that for Zara, that was unheard of. I can’t get enough of culottes now – whenever I spot some, I immediately want them. Looks like I’ve got a very expensive wardrobe refresh to do…

Here is a round up of my favourite street style trouser looks:

Frills are everywhere this season | This street style look is definitely a head-turner
Whether you’re heading out and about, to the office or a date, you can never go wrong with stripes | Pair with mules, like above, for a sophisticated look
These trousers take flares to a whole new level, but how gorgeous do they look with that leather jacket?
Green + black = a winning combination
Yet again, stripes are making an appearance – can you tell I’m obsessed? | This mix of mustard, orange, black and white is a stunning summery combination
This look is the ultimate date night look | Team frilly straight leg trousers with a transparent lace/mesh long-line top for a fashionable, sophisticated and feminine ensemble
This colour is one of my all-time favourites | Rust/burnt orange is a colour that looks stunning all year round and goes with anything
Flared culottes are taking over my wardrobe this spring | they’re so stylish and look great with whatever you pair them with, like these calf boots

[Pictures courtesy of Pinterest]

What’s your favourite look?

With love,



Are you beach ready?

Summer is getting closer and closer by the minute and that means one thing: it’s almost time to get your beach wardrobe ready. Going shopping for summer holiday items can be really exciting and it’s something I usually tend to plan months before I go away, whether it be to somewhere hot and exotic like the Maldives, sunny Europe or the small beaches of the UK. Sadly this year I haven’t got anything planned, but it doesn’t mean I can’t plan anyway, does it?

My beach steals from the high street:

Monochrome ensembles look chic and stylish at the best of times, but especially on a break by the sea. A large majority of people tend to wear bright-hued outfits on holiday, but I tend to stick to muted, minimalistic tones in order to mix and dress up or down outfits.

Personally, I am obsessed with swimwear. Whenever I go on holiday I am known to pack double the amount of two-piece sets I need because I like to have a selection (extra, I know). I tend to buy simplistic items to begin with – a ‘base’ if you like – so I can easily mix and match, starting off with a well-fitted, flattering black set. I would then buy a variation of bold coloured and patterned sets to create different looks depending on my mood, look and event of the day. To finish off a beach or poolside look, a trusty straw beach bag is a must, alongside a straw hat to shelter your head from the sun – like this punny ‘Beach Please!’ slogan hat from online store Boohoo.

Eat, beach, sleep, repeat…

Towel | £15 H&MPlaysuit | £12 Boohoo | Bikini | £14 Top / £10 Bottoms Topshop | Sliders | £10 ASOS | Bag | £20 Dorothy Perkins | Hat | £10 Boohoo

Here are my top tips for packing for the beach:

  • Beach towel – I highly recommend a vibrant beach towel as it’s easy to lose sight of where you’re sitting and go into a state of sheer panic thinking that you’re family have left without you, or that your towels been stolen (or that might just be me…)
  • Flip flops or sliders – they’re the easiest to slip on and off, and most importantly, they are super comfortable. Sliders are very popular at the moment and come in various colours and styles
  • Beach bag – my go-to beach bag is always a straw tote. They’re made for the beach so can endure anything, and they fit everything but the kitchen sink – just what you need if you’re as indecisive as me!
  • Book or earphones – when sunbathing, it’s nice to keep yourself entertained with either a good book (if anyone has any recommendations, let me know in the comments) or earphones to listen to your favourite music to pass time with
  • Sunnies – sunglasses are an absolute must. I squint terribly in the sun, so I am constantly seen with a pair on my head. I usually buy a mix of approximately 5 to go with various outfits from cheaper high street stores, but nothing beats my Rayban’s
  • Sun hat – a hat is useful at preventing heat stroke. I don’t really suit hats, but on holiday I tend to buy floppy straw hats as they look stylish and shelter your head, neck and face from the sun
  • Sun cream – this is very important as the last thing you want is to get burnt – it’s uncomfortable and ruins your holiday, so make sure your skin is protected. I tend to use Nivea or P20

Are you heading anywhere nice this summer?

With love,



Root Vegetable Fritters


It’s almost been a year since my boyfriend and I got together and as some people will know, once you get into a relationship, your diet can go somewhat astray… As a result, Callum and I have been on a bit of a health-kick over the last few months in an attempt to lose some weight after a summer of BBQs, dining out and chocolate-fueled movie marathons and midnight snacks – healthy right?

As many of you may know from the ‘portabello mushroom burger‘ step-by-step recipe I posted earlier this year, I absolutely love burgers, and it’s a dish my boyfriend and I have a huge obsession with. Whenever we eat out, nine times out of 10 we end up with a burger sitting in front of us, and 2,000 calories later we begin to regret our decision – but at that moment in time who cares when it tastes so good? Consequently, we have been on the hunt for recipes for other healthier alternatives to fatty, hearty meals, that still taste amazing and fill us up, without adding 10 inches to our waistbands. And now here I am, back again with another healthy burger option that has our seal of approval.

I don’t claim to be an amazing cook, but I’m always up for trying new flavours, ingredients and techniques. Not so long ago I came across an article in a magazine explaining how root vegetables can be used to create anything if you put your mind to it, and fritter burgers were something that set alarm bells ringing in my head – I wanted to try it! During the summer months, or on holiday, I am prone to ordering crab or prawn fritters at restaurants, but the concept of creating them at home seemed far too difficult for someone with my cooking ‘expertise’. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong…

Vegetable fritter burgers are super easy to make, so you don’t have to be a skilled chef in the kitchen (thankfully), and you can change the recipe to cater to the needs of your taste-buds. If you make these, let me know in the comments how it goes!


Prep time – 20 minutes| Cooking time – 25/30 minutes (approx.)


  • Butter
  • 1 onion, peeled and finely chopped
  • 350g of potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed
  • Salt and ground black pepper
  • 250g celeriac, trimmed and peeled
  • 250g carrots, trimmed and peeled
  • 3 tbsp chopped coriander
  • 150g halloumi, grated
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 tbsp plain flour
  • Vegetable oil, for frying
  • 150ml Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cucumber, peeled and finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 4 burger buns
  • Mint leaves and rocket, to serve


  1. Melt the butter in a pan over medium heat. Fry the chopped onions for 5 minutes, before adding the diced potatoes and garlic – season to your taste
  2. Cook the onions, potatoes and garlic, covered, over a low heat for 6-8 minutes until the potatoes are thoroughly cooked and can break apart easily. Set aside for them to cool down
  3. Whilst that is cooling, grate the celeriac and carrots, add some salt and set aside in a colander for 5 minutes. Ensure all of the excess vegetable juice is disposed of, and then add into the cooled potatoes
  4. Whisk the large egg into the flour, and then mix into the vegetables, ensuring that you break up the potatoes as you go. Add a drizzle of olive oil to a large non-stick frying pan over a medium heat
  5. Spoon in the vegetable batter mix (you should have enough to make 8 fritters in total). Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side until they’re crisp and golden in colour. Transfer onto a plate and keep warm in the oven whilst you continue with the rest
  6. Combine the yogurt, cucumber and olive oil in a small bowl and season
  7. Place 2 fritters into each bun, spoon over the Greek yogurt mixture and scatter with mint and rocket leaves and serve


With love,



The Jumpsuit Edit

Jumpsuits can come cropped, sheer or rendered in lace or chiffon; or boyish and slouchy, allowing them to cater to all dress codes – and that is why I love them. In recent years, the jumpsuit has superseded the classic cocktail dress as the summer occasion outfit of choice. And now, as the summer wedding season looms, prepare for the ultimate jumpsuit envy. It will be nigh-on impossible to attend wedding nuptials without spotting an immaculately-dressed guest in a tailored jumpsuit – I’m almost certain of that.

Wherever you go, celebrities are papped sporting jumpsuits in all their glory. From actress Scarlett Johansson who’s rarely seen out of a jumpsuit, to the chic Anne Hathaway who donned a sleek Vivienne Westwood jumpsuit at the LA premiere of her latest film ‘Colossal’ last month, jumpsuit’s are an ever-popular outfit choice. Even Queen B’s sister, Solange Knowles, got married in a cream Stephane Rolland jumpsuit in 2014.

Even if you’re not bothered about celebrity fashion and you aren’t a ‘celebrity-influenced fashionista’, if you’re not already loving jumpsuits, I’m sure you won’t need much convincing. Jumpsuits are not only comfortable and perfect for any occasion, they’re super chic, stylish and sophisticated. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that it’s been noted in this year’s ‘Style Guide’ at Royal Ascot – the famous racecourse where it’s very much a fashion show as well as a racing event – that they officially welcome “the jumpsuit as an acceptable item of clothing for the Royal Enclosure”. It’s time to get purchasing!

Here are 4 ways of wearing a jumpsuit this spring/summer – with lovable high street prices and super sophisticated looks:

City break Street Stylin’

If in doubt, wear blue“, I say this spring/summer. Blue is one of my favourite colours right now, and pairing it with a simplistic chic monochromatic white jumpsuit will certainly make the blue hues pop and enhance that summer glow.

(P.S. aren’t Olivia Burton watches to die for?!)

Jumpsuit | £60 River Island | Bag | £20 Zara | Shoes | £56 Topshop | Watch | £76 Olivia Burton ASOS 

Holiday Lovin’

Whether you’re heading on holiday to somewhere exotic (I wish), or just strutting down to your local beach, you’ll be sure to stand out in this H&M number. Stripes – especially like these – can be ever so flattering and look ever so elegant. Who’d have thought this jumpsuit was from a high street store?

Jumpsuit | £40 H&MBag | £30 ZaraSandals | £28 New LookSunglasses | £45 Topshop

Ascot/Wedding Attire

Weddings or occasion events are always difficult to dress for, and in this day and age there is so much pressure to look good (and most importantly feel good). For a day at the races, or a wedding ceremony, I suggest opting for the classic floral print. Pastel’s are so ‘in’ this spring/summer, and pink is markedly feminine, creating a gorgeous polished outfit. If you’re feeling daring, add pops of fuchsia – this season’s “colour of the moment” according to British Vogue.

Jumpsuit | £55 WallisBag | £18 MangoShoes | £80 Topshop | Hair Accessory | £14 Topshop

Date Night/Out Out

This one-strap jumpsuit from popular high street retailer Topshop is the perfect option for trying to impress a potential knight in shining armour. It’s so easy to change the look around and add a splash of colour. Black and gold go perfectly together, but why not add a more summery hue – think orange, yellow or red – the choices are endless!

Jumpsuit | £48 Topshop | Bag | £20 River Island | Shoes | £28 New LookEarrings | £25 Wolf & Moon (ASOS)

How would you style a jumpsuit?

With love,



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Fashion has a million so-called influencers, but only one Alexa Chung. Anyone who knows me or has followed me for some time will know that I simply adore her and her style. See my previous post on the ‘Street Style Queen‘ if you want some street style and hair envy this sunny Sunday afternoon…

Following her highly successful collaborations with AG Jeans and big British brand, Marks and Spencer, it was only a matter of time before Alexa went solo.

During summer last year, rumours were rife about Alexa launching her own clothing label called AlexaChung after subtle hints made by the star. It was later confirmed that this was true, but no date was specified other than ‘the beginning of 2017’. Since that very moment, I’ve been waiting in anticipation for some news and, thank the lord, the time has come.

“I’d love to open my own shop”

This week, Alexa Chung began her long-awaited publicity drive for her new fashion brand when she launched a new website and Instagram account (@alexachungstagram), teasing us all with a sneak peak of her upcoming collection and her campaign videos. If you haven’t seen this already, I suggest you do because you seriously will not be disappointed.

Alexa Chung Vogue
Alexa Chung on the front of British Vogue magazine, June 2017 edition (hit the shelves on Friday 12th)

In next month’s British Vogue magazine, which came out on Friday (12th May), she gave us fan’s a preview of the clothing line, which will be available to shop at the end of this month (30th May). In the issue, Chung – a contributing editor at the magazine – describes launching the collection as “just the start”, and went on to say that she’d “love to open a shop” within her first five years in business. Great news for Alexa Chung lovers out there!

“I’m young enough and excited enough to start something new, but old enough to think I could pull it off” – Alexa Chung

Her collection is expected to span 100-plus pieces including shoes, ready-to-wear pieces and jewellery when it is released in its entirety later this month. From the latest teasers, I think we can forecast lots of frills, blouses and tomboy tweed, giving an distinct overwhelming British feel, and giving homage to her roots and adolescent years.

Her collection will be available to shop on May 30th on her brand new website, ALEXACHUNG.com. Sign up now to be on the mailing list!

I’m excited! Are you?

With love,